Minutes January 2016 (draft)

MINUTES OF A MEETING OF TILMANSTONE PARISH COUNCIL Held on Monday 18th January 2016 at 7pm in Tilmanstone Village Hall PRESENT: Cllr. Brazier (in the Chair), Cllr. Greenwood, Cllr. Morgan-Lovett, Cllr. Kershaw IN ATTENDANCE: Mr. A. Denyer (Parish Clerk), Dist. Cllr. Kenton, Dist./County Cllr. Manion 1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: all present 2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST: there were none 3. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING Minutes of the previous meeting held on Monday 16th November 2015 had previously been circulated. Cllr. Greenwood proposed that they be accepted as a true record of the meeting. This was seconded by Cllr. Morgan-Lovett and all agreed. 4. MINUTES OF AN EXTRAORDINARY MEETING Minutes of the extraordinary meeting held on Sunday 13th December 2015 were circulated at the meeting. Cllr. Greenwood proposed that they be accepted as a true record of the meeting. This was seconded by Cllr. Morgan-Lovett and all agreed. 5. MATTERS ARISING/UPDATES ON ONGOING ITEMS Cllr. Greenwood reported that volunteers have offered to help cut back hedging in the play area. Item 131 – The parish council has been granted £290 from the ‘You Decide’ funding programme to fund the cost of two new swing seats and renovation of the benches in the play area. 6. COUNCILLOR CO-OPTION Three nominations have been received for the vacant position on the parish council. After discussion, a vote was taken. Stephen Beadle received three votes. Cllr. Morgan-Lovett abstained. Therefore, Mr. Beadle was duly co-opted as a member of Tilmanstone Parish Council. He signed his declaration of office and was invited to join the meeting. 7. PCSO REPORT No report has been received. 8. DISTRICT AND COUNTY COUNCILLORS REPORTS Dist. Cllr. Kenton reported that the demolition of Burlington House in Dover is nearly complete. A consultation into the future of Dover Sports Centre is due to begin. In response to a question, Cllr. Kenton confirmed that the existing building will need to be demolished as ongoing maintenance costs are too high for it to remain. A housing development at the former Connaught Barracks is due to go ahead. Cllr. Morgan-Lovett asked about the problem with lorries parking in lay-bys meaning that there are no facilities for other vehicles to stop. He replied that this is a matter for the police but until a suitable lorry park is opened there is not enough capacity. Cllr. Manion said that the problem with lorry parking exists throughout east Kent. He also reported that Kent County Council are currently going through their budget process. The ‘living wage’ initiative is causing the council difficulties in the care sector and an additional two percent increase is to be added to the council tax for this reason. With regard to the issue with lorries, Cllr. Morgan-Lovett reported that villagers in Shephersdwell are seeking to take action and asked if the parish council would be prepared to support them. It was agreed to seek more information following the next meeting of Shepherdswell Parish Council. Cllr. Kershaw had to leave the meeting at this point. Public Question Time • In response to a question, Mr. Beadle gave a brief explanation as to his background and experience. • It was reported that a silver Renault Megane, with two male occupants in hooded tops, had been acting suspiciously by reversing into a driveway and looking at outbuildings. 9. PLANNING MATTERS: a) Planning applications i) DOV/15/01192 | Erection of a single storey side extension (existing conservatory to be demolished) | Kookaburra, Lower Street, Tilmanstone, CT14 0JD – no comments. ii) DOV/15/01235 | Thornton Oast, Thornton Road, Tilmanstone, CT14 0JZ | Certificate of Lawfulness (existing) for the erection of a field shelter/barn, block of three stables and sand training arena – no comments. iii) DOV/15/01277 | Phase II – Whitfield Urban Expansion, Whitfield | Phase 2 of Whitfield Urban Extension incorporating Parsonage Whitfield and Shepherd’s Cross Neighbourhoods and comprising up to 410 and 780 dwellings respectively in the form of 1-5 bedroomed two and part three storey accommodation together with green infrastructure including a minimum of 4.01 hectares of SAC mitigation land, cemetery, a spine access road and junctions connecting Archers Court Road with Sandwich Road, associated roads, footpaths and cycleways serving the individual residential areas, car parking and garaging and associated infrastructure – The parish council believes that consideration should be given to providing a roundabout at the junction on the A256 marked for improvement to help with traffic flow across the area. Also that further attention be given to the improvement of cycle paths. b) Any other applications received by the date of the meeting i) DOV/15/01295 | Erection of a single storey rear extension and first floor extension to existing garage to create ancillary accomodation, garage and fitness room | The Old School, School Road, Tilmanstone, Deal, CT14 0JL ii) DOV/15/01296 | Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Regulations 1990 | Erection of a single storey rear extension and first floor extension to existing garage to create ancillary accomodation, garage and fitness room | The Old School, School Road, Tilmanstone, Deal, CT14 0JL – The parish council would like to suggest that the proposed window facing School Road be more in keeping with the area. c) Any decisions made by Dover District Council: There were none. 10. COUNCILLORS’ REPORTS • Cllr. Greenwood reported that the HGV advisory signs are due to be delivered this week and will be erected as soon as possible. • Cllr. Greenwood reported that a feasibility study is to be conducted into possible extension to the number 14 route bus. If successful this could mean additional services to the village. 11. LAND PURCHASE Cllr. Greenwood asked whether local land was available for possible use as allotments. Chairman reported that the parish council had previously tried to purchase land in Chapel Field to provide car parking space for the village hall. At the time this proved too expensive. Chairman will look into current availability and prices. 12. FINANCE: a) Financial Statement A current financial statement was circulated at the meeting. The balance at the bank is £12,475.07 b) Precept 2016/17 A draft budget was circulated and discussed which would allow council tax to remain at the same level as in 2015/16. Cllr. Morgan-Lovett proposed that the budget be approved. This was seconded by Cllr. Greenwood and all agreed. b) Approval of Payments The following items were approved for payment: • Clerk salary (October to December 2015) £496.82 • H.C. Kennett (works completed on the play area) £200.00 13. GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE a) Sandwich Sports and Leisure Trust A letter has been received from regarding proposed new facilities at Sandwich Sports and Leisure Centre. The trustees have asked to meet the parish council to explain the proposals and seek our views before beginning detailed planning. It was agreed that Clerk invite the trustees to attend one of our future meetings. b) Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations Correspondence has been received outlining some of the events taking place on Thursday 21st April 2016 to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday including a nationwide network of beacons. It was agreed to look into having a beacon and to involve local groups in the event. This item to be on the agenda for the next meeting. 14. ITEMS FOR INFORMATION Cllr. Greenwood said that the notice board outside the church is in poor condition. Chairman said he would ask Mr. Kennett to look at and provide a quote for consideration. Meeting closed at 8.30pm